The five-month-long restoration of the historic Westside mural La Música De San Anto will begin on August 8th. This mural is San Anto Cultural Arts' 37th community mural, which was completed in November 2009.

This restoration project is in partnership with Westside Development Corporation (WDC), San Anto Cultural Arts (SACA), Alamo Colleges Westside Education and Training Center and La Printeria.

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Artist: David Blancas
David Blancas was born in Nueva Rosita, Coahuila in northern Mexico and began drawing and painting at an early age. He maintains a multifaceted portfolio of teaching, mentoring, and creating public and private commissions with a specialization in paintings, portraiture, mosaics and murals. David studied fine art at the University of Texas at San Antonio and has achieved recognition in various regional and national art competitions. He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas and is the sole proprietor of Pintura Artwork Company, a studio and art gallery that was established in 2002. He is also the director and lead muralist of Project Inspire: Mural Arts Program, an organization that collaborates with other agencies to produce community murals and other public art projects.

Mural Host: San Anto Cultural Arts
The San Anto Cultural Arts mission is to foster human and community development through community-based arts. Their vision is to build a community where people have the opportunity to realize their creative abilities, interpret their culture and heritage through their own unique vision, and to cultivate and showcase the talent of residents living in San Antonio's West side.

Program Partner: La Printeria
La Printería is a cultural arts social enterprise whose programming is based on fine art printmaking as it relates to education, practice, community, cultural preservation and economic development. The mission is to cultivate and empower participants of all ages; especially at-risk youth ages 14-19. Through arts and mentorship, La Printería will afford youth the opportunity to belong to a creative community, build life skills, and obtain technical and marketable experience. Additionally, La Printería will fill a significant void by providing artists a resource with which to continue developing their skills and a venue to show their talent and market their work.

Fiscal Sponsor: Westside Development Corporation
Westside Development Corporation (WDC), founded in 2006 by the City of San Antonio Council and Mayor, addresses long-term economic development concerns in the inner Westside of San Antonio, including blight, gaps in goods and available services, high unemployment rate, and low per capita income for an area where 93% of the population is Hispanic and/or Latino. WDC operates solely in the Westside in the WDC Empowerment Zone, serving the most vulnerable in San Antonio’s communities.